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Here’s What My Wonderful Clients Have to Say!

I love and care about my clients and am fully dedicated to keeping their trust by offering services that support them staying healthy, confident and balanced.

In 6 months I went from being stressed out, physically uncomfortable and too busy to cook, to taking care of me, putting myself first and enjoying cooking and eating for my body type. I watched as the belly got smaller, my skin got clearer and my temperament got calmer. Due to all of these things, my life as a whole started changing and I am so grateful to Laure and this program.

Maele Hargett

Working with Laure Carter, in her program, helped me to uncover personal habits that were contributing to my current state of unrest. With so much information on Ayurvedic practices, Laure made it easy to apply them to my specific needs. When I followed all to most of the practices, I found a significant difference within myself and my body that has lasted beyond the program.

Elizabeth Johnston

Laure carter is a very unique woman… Her life experiences and mature intelligence give her a depth and breadth of wisdom which when shared with you, it can change your life going forward. The spirituality and the joy with which she lives her life helped me to change my own life. These benefits continue to provide strengths and satisfactions that I never thought possible.

Arlene Sclafani

2 years ago, I could not play three holes of golf in a row without pain in my lower back and thighs. When I started with Laure she assessed my issues and confidently told me if I followed the practice of Yoga and listened to my body’s problem areas and reacted appropriately I could overcome the pain.  Laure was 100% correct, after weeks of practicing Yoga two times a week I was able to finish a round of golf, now 2 years later my back is no longer a daily issue that affects my life. Laure’s confidence and her ability to teach and coach made my back problem a memory.

Ron Hite

My main problem was a stiff neck that was so immobile that I could not turn my neck 180 degrees, or even look straight up into the sky. Backing up my car was difficult because my neck was not mobile enough. I would say that after 4 or 5 months I could really feel the difference in my body. My golf game improved drastically after 6 months. My neck feels great now, and I can see the full moon again! It has been 2 years since I gave up weights and slowly got into yoga. I have more flexibility than ever now. Laure has proved to me what massage and yoga can do to keep you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Richard Wike

I have been going to Laure on a regular basis for several years. When I first started, Laure was a massage therapist and was just beginning  to teach yoga.  Over the years Laure has continued to expand her knowledge and expertise in both fields. Her desire to continue learning is inspiring. Under her tutelage, I have gained a greater awareness of how to use my body effectively, and I have gained greater range of motion in my right hip, which had been ” locked up” for years.  Thank you, Laure!

Sandie Payzant