Sustained Vibrant Health can easily be obtained by simply understanding the natural tendencies of your unique body

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Laure Carter

"For over a decade, I've been on a mission to help women regain vitality in their lives by guiding them through a gentle self-discovery process. By simply tuning in and recognizing your body's particular needs, you can regain strength, power and confidence within your body, mind and spirit."

What Is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient system of natural and holistic health care that creates within your body and mind an optimum environment for healing to take place and maximizes your body's ability to heal itself. To achieve vibrant health, it's important to understand the foods and lifestyle habits and choices that bring you in balance. Through Ayurvedic Medicine, you will be able to walk the tight rope of life with ease and grace.

After years of study, I've been able to simplify this information so that it can easily be obtained and applied by anyone looking to restore and enhance their health and well being.

My programs offer wisdom and knowledge about achieving such balance through the understanding of your body-mind's unique makeup. Take the free quiz to learn more.

This free quiz offers you the key to understanding your body-mind's natural tendencies. With this information, you will be one step closer to knowing what's keeping you from feeling renewed, revitalized and rejoiced again!

Work With Me

In Depth Ayurvedic Health Evaluation & Quickstart

Together we'll paint a picture of who you are physically, emotionally and spiritually. From that picture, I'll identify your unique mind-body constitution as well as the nature of any imbalances. Then, I'll be able to develop a plan to help you get back in balance.

  • Get your own food program
  • Lifestyle recommendations specific to you
  • In person or online (Skype or Zoom)

12 Weeks To A Lighter You Ayurvedic Weight Loss Online Group Coaching Program
$500/month for 3 months

This program focuses on Ayurvedic food choices and lifestyle habits that will help you have more balance in your life, sleep better, manage stress and experience a greater level of energy and loose excess weight almost effortlessly.

  • Weekly live online sessions
  • Coaching & cooking classes
  • A step by step blueprint

Private Ayurvedic Vegan Cooking Coaching

Spend time with me in your kitchen and learn how to shop, organize your pantry. prep for your meals efficiently and save time, and how to prepare delicious and healthy plant based meals using herbs and spices for easy digestion.


  • Invite your friends and/or family
  • Hands-on cooking
  • Get your food questions answered!

Ayurvedic Habits for Health & Happiness Inner Circle

Gain unlimited access to an arsenal of content to enhance your health with Ayurvedic wisdom at an unbeatable price!


  • Weekly plant based recipes and cooking videos
  • Yoga videos to condition your body-mind, including breathing techniques, posture sequences
  • Ayurvedic lifestyle tips, meditation and mindfulness exercises

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Success Stories


I went from fighting with myself to working with myself, to alleviating the worst things that have been bothering me. 

It managed to change my story about the relationship between myself and my body.

Lucy Peguero Kitchen Chemist


For me prior to the program I never really had a path that was long term weight loss. The major win for me is the sustainability,  it’s actually changing my habits. The best thing about having the tools to live a life of good health  is what this program offered me.

Cynthia Simmons Jewelry Designer


Your program name is perfect. A 'Lighter you" is what I feel. 

 Thank you for doing what you do & sharing your gift. You've changed my life in a big way, Laure. I am so grateful.

Bridgette Simmonds Life Coach

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