Cynthia couldn’t believe what the consultant at the wellness center was telling her!

A few weeks before, Cynthia had woken up in the hospital remembering only that she had been standing in the supermarket with her 6 year old granddaughter for what seemed like just moments before. 

To her relief, she was told it wasn’t fatal. She had fainted from a high blood pressure episode which was thankfully treatable with medication and weight loss.

The trauma to her 6 year old grand daughter fresh in her mind, she was determined to take responsibility for her health. 

Her doctor recommended a weight loss wellness center near her and good news, they take her insurance. 

Cynthia arrived at the clinic that day full of hope and ready to start her journey; whatever they ask, she’s in! 

The consultant at the wellness center tells her, “good news!

We have 2 options for you!”

“Shakes or shots?”

A little taken aback, Cynthia asks, “what about nutrition?”

And the helpful clinician answers, “well, you don’t really need this element but if you want it, you can consult a nutritionist outside our wellness center.” 

3 Weight Loss Myths

Have you been led to believe, through advertisement and fad diets, that you could lose weight by just taking some shakes or shots?

Or perhaps you’ve been told that you have to go on restrictive or elimination diets like a carb-free diet, a vegan diet or keto diet.

Have you ever felt shame and guilt around your inability to lose weight because the underlying message from society is that there’s something wrong with you; you have no willpower around food?

“Short term efforts will give you long term results”, “losing weight is difficult” and “weight loss is skin deep” are 3 myths about weight loss that the diet industry perpetuates so you can keep buying their products and programs.

In the next blog, I talk about myth # 1: Weight loss is skin deep.

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