I created this video, to help you handle the comments and objections about your dietary changes.

One of the main concerns my clients have when they first start working with me is how their family and friends will react to their new way of eating.

This can be a deal breaker.

People around you often take your dietary changes personally.

So how do you still take care of yourself and at the same time help them feel okay about your dietary and lifestyle choices.

It’s not them, it’s you

You want to make sure that they know you’re not trying to change them and make it about you.

For example, you can explain that you’re not feeling good when you eat certain foods and that feeling affects your self-confidence or your sleep or your energy throughout the day.

Share a dish

I made this video around Thanksgiving, because I was getting a lot of questions about what do I do when I’m invited to friends who don’t eat the way I do?

Well, I simply bring a dish to share with them. I let them have their own experience without proselytizing. I used to try to convert people to the way I eat. Thank goodness I no longer do!

Compliment the person who cooks!

I’ve found that complimenting the person who prepares a meal, makes them feel at ease and they’re therefore, less on the defensive if I don’t eat their dish.

Watch the video below for more tips to handle objections to your dietary changes

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