” Health is priceless wealth.”

We all know that health should be a priority, yet how many of us actually practice this philosophy.

Many of my patients are entrepreneurs; they come to me with serious health challenges, from digestive troubles to insomnia, weight gain and cardio-vascular disease!

And the root cause of all of them is unwholesome habits and choices in their diet and lifestyle.

The reality is, though we understand, intellectually, that health is priceless, we give in to the pressures, many times self-imposed, of being in business, and our health is no longer a priority.

Only to ultimately pay the price with the health challenges I mentioned above.

“The game is money, but what about inner wealth, 

the mental, the spiritual and physical health.” Guru

Building your mental, spiritual and physical health is a lot like building your wealth!

When you build your wealth, the recommendation is that you invest in something that will give you some returns like the stock market or real estate.

When you invest in your health, the returns are a hundredfold. When you do one thing that supports your health you almost immediately have more energy, better sleep, greater stress resilience. And in turn you are more effective as an entrepreneur and can accomplish more!

Your health legacy is your wealth legacy

Another concept of building wealth is to be able to pass this wealth to your children.

Thanks to the science of epigenetics, we now know that our health challenges can be passed down, but we can change this.

We now know that many genes are triggered when we adopt the habits and choices of our parents. But when we make different choices, we can change the outcome and our children’s health legacy.

The irony is that taking care of your health isn’t that difficult and doesn’t need to take a lot of time! That’s a misconception!

Here are 5 health tips that my patients have found very helpful.

 5 health tips for entrepreneurs to make generational health part of your generational wealth

Tip 1: Don’t work overtime. 

Decide on a time when you stop working no matter what’s going on, so your body and your mind can wind down for the day and prepare for a good night’s sleep. 

In my experience most people who struggle with insomnia have trouble shutting their mental chatter down. 

When you incorporate a healthy sleep routine, which includes being able to stop working at a certain time for most days, then your nervous system can calm down and you can fall asleep and stay asleep.

Tip 2: Don’t skip meals

Especially lunch! At lunch time our digestive system is prime to properly digest our foods so we can properly absorb the necessary nutrients and eliminate waste, toxins and impurities.

Furthermore, when we skip lunch, we have a tendency to overeat at dinner and eat dinner late. This wreaks havoc on the proper functioning of our liver. The liver is one of the most important organs of detoxification. It helps us properly eliminate waste, toxins and impurities. When it can’t, we are setting ourselves up for serious health challenges.

Tip 3: Walk for 15 minutes every morning

The first thing I always encourage my patients to do is walk in the morning for 15 minutes, every single day.

When you do something everyday, it creates consistency and continuity which are the bedrock of a healthy lifestyle. 

Inevitably, within 3 months, they are walking for 30 to 45 minutes without any effort. Their heart health is improved, their weight is down and they have a tremendous amount of energy

All you have to do is start small and keep going.

Tip 4: Make time for creativity

Being an entrepreneur is not just about doing business. You need to set time aside to get new ideas. This time is essential. It should be part of your weekly schedule just as replying to customers’ calls or spending time for marketing are. So spend some time alone, in nature preferably and allow inspiration to come to you!

Tip 5: Take a regular break from being an entrepreneur

This one is a tough one, because we are so conditioned to believe that if we don’t spend every single minute of our day on our business then we’re losing business. And that is simply not true. What we’re losing however, is ourselves. We are not our business, no matter how much we love it! We are a human being, not just a human doing and we need time to just be!

What’s next?

Check out my new blog, 3 Keys to Make Time for Your Goals to get you started on your health journey!

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