Good and stable energy helps us meet life’s challenges and feel safe.

I recently participated in a panel discussion about spiritual protection for the modern woman with Sacred U.

What is spiritual protection?

To feel inherently safe or spiritually protected, no matter what life throws at us, we need to:

  • Understand our connection to the spiritual dimension of life.
  • Be retrospective and look at our journey and growth and see how even in the midst of challenges, something deep within us is safe.
  • Look at life as a journey of self-discovery.
  • Connect and listen to our intuitive self.
  • Remember who we are at our core and trust.

Furthermore, we increase our awareness of being spiritually protected, by cultivating and managing our physical and psychic energy!

6 tips to cultivate and maintain physical and psychic energy

Tip # 1: Create a daily grounding ritual, like meditation.

A regular meditation practice can help you ground yourself and stay balanced. 

Tip # 2: Sing or chant uplifting songs or healing mantras. 

Singing or chanting release endorphins which help promote positive mood, feelings of relaxation and focused attention. Five Ways Chanting Heals Us.

Tip # 3: Develop the attitude of a witness.

Witnessing is one of the most powerful tools that I know! We can be self-aware and yet still feel depressed, anxious and fall into unhealthy, conditioned behaviors. When we develop the ability to witness our emotions, we are able to distance ourselves from them and their associated behavior. We no longer identify with our emotions. We are aware that they are energy moving through us. AND we are aware that we have freedom of choice.

Tip # 4: Protect your energy.

it’s important to realize that it’s our job to protect ourselves from the unhealthy energy of others. We can love someone and have compassion for them and still remove ourselves from them when they’re affecting our energy. This is the practice of creating healthy boundaries.

Tip # 5: Spend time in nature.

APA’s (American Psychological Association) website shares how nature improves mental health and sharpens our cognition.

“Spending time in nature can act as a balm for our busy brains. Both correlational and experimental research have shown that interacting with nature has cognitive benefits.” Kirsten Weir, Nurtured by Nature.

Tip # 6: Keep a daily routine or dinacharya.

The Sanskrit word dinacharya, literally means a daily routine. This routine includes lifestyle practices as well as food habits and choices.

Healthy routines contribute to health, inner beauty and realized potential, while unhealthy routines contribute to ill health, diminished sense of well being, stress, lack of energy and aging.

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Do your best

Remember we’re all human and vulnerable.

There will be days where you’ll feel strong and connected and there will be days where you’ll feel vulnerable, alone and disconnected from your deeper self.

Remember it’s an ebb and flow. Do your best to remember that you are safe and whole at your core.