A successful weight loss program has to be simple. It also has to emphasize lifestyle strategies that you can continue to practice even after your body has reached its balanced weight.

1- Be willing to cook most of your meals

In my experience and observation, the success of a weight loss program depends on your willingness to cook or learn how to cook most of your meals.

When you cook your meals, you have control over what you eat.

You can easily incorporate more vegetables, whole grains, fruits, healthy fats and legumes in your diet.

A diet of primarily processed foods (frozen, packaged and from a fast food chain) increases the risk of belly fat, high triglycerides and low LDLs, high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels by 141%

The health benefits of a plant based, non-processed nutrition are:

  • lower cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar
  • reversal of prevention of heart disease and diabetes
  • longer life
  • healthier weight
  • Lower risk of developing cancer
  • improved symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis
  • fewer medication
  • lower food costs
  • we suffer significantly less from allergies
  • and better for the planet!

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