Ayurveda says that eating is emotional

“The key to perfect health is perfect digestion, and not just digestion in the stomach, but cellular digestion. How well we metabolize our foods and convert them into the end-product. And the end-product of food is a substance called in Sanskrit, Ojas, which is the bio-chemical equivalent of Bliss-Consciousness in the physiology.” Chef Dominic, The Raj Spa

Ojas, the bio-chemical equivalent of Bliss

When he prepared the dishes he taught us, Chef Dominic always looked so blissed out!

Ayurveda eating teaches us that the most important factor of health and well-being is a strong digestion.

Ayurvedic cooking  enables us to powerfully digest the foods we eat so it can be transformed into Ojas, Bliss as opposed to Ama, toxins.

Its many definitions are: bodily strength, vigor, energy (endurance), ability, vitality; it’s what stabilizes the immune system and the mind.

Are you getting that from your food?

Ojas is the nurturing, deep sense of safety and security we got when we drank our mother’s milk; and it’s what we look for in the foods we eat thereafter.

Ayurveda says that emotional eating, is the body’s mechanism to ensure with have Ojas

Eating IS emotional and sensual.

The problem is not eating or emotional eating, the problem is what and how we eat and how badly we digest it.

Fast food, TV dinners and restaurant foods in excess destroy Ojas

Somewhere along the way, we decided that eating was getting in the way of living. Most of all, we forgot that the quality of life we live is directly proportional to the quality of the food we eat and digest.

What we call “emotional eating”, is really “ghost” eating. Ghost eating is mindlessly eating unwholesome meals made with the dead flesh of animals who suffered terrible living conditions. Furthermore, it’s eating foods riddled with pesticides, and genetically modified. In addition, this food is not prepared with love and care.

The reasons why we eat this kind of food are really irrelevant.

What’s important to recognize is that the more we eat meals that no longer provide us the nourishment, as well as the sense of security and safety we need to face the increasing challenges of living, the more we’ll ghost eat and in general overeat. Finally, the more we ghost eat and overeat, the sicker we feel.

So today, go in your kitchen and fill up on Ojas by preparing yourself a healthy home cooked meal and don’t think about calories, just sit down , and be present. Enjoy your heart out the food you’re eating!