An Ayurvedic wellness online program designed to help you:

Lose Excess Weight, Feel Good in Your Body and Skin, Have More Energy and Confidence!

Does This Sound Familiar to You?

You've gained weight and feel uncomfortable in your body and the way clothes look on you.

Your weight has gone up and down and now it's become difficult to lose the excess weight.

Calorie-counting and restrictive diets don't work anymore.

You've got the motivation but you struggle with discipline.

You struggle with falling asleep and/or staying asleep.

You feel bloated and blah.

You struggle with finding time to practice self-care.

You want to learn how to love yourself.

You feel a little scattered and know you do better when you have a plan. 

You feel a little overwhelmed with figuring out what you should do and what might actually work! 

An Ayurvedic Wellness Program Is the Answer!

Imagine If...

You knew the exact food choices that will help you lose weight, feel good in your body while still enjoying eating.

Had the strategies that made weight loss happen effortlessly.

And cooking healthy and savory meals became fun and easy.

You learned a sleep routine that helped you sleep better.

And a morning routine that gave you great energy, motivation and excitement.

You had a plan that took the guessing out and save you time and suffering.

And made your life easier.

About the Program Creator

Laure Carter Ayurvedic Weight Loss

Hello! I'm Laure Carter, LMT, RYT

I'm a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist with a focus on Diet, Lifestyle and Women's Health, an Experienced Yoga and Meditation Teacher and a Plant-Based Chef. And I created 12 Weeks to a Lighter and Healthier You Ayurvedic Wellness Online Program after my own struggle with weight gain and peri-menopausal symptoms. I'm passionate about helping women understand the root cause of their weight gain, and hormone shifts, improve their digestion which has been compromised by lifestyle choices and food habits, and sync with their body's natural rhythms so they can create balance in their life and feel confident!

With an Ayurvedic Wellness Program,
 You Improve Your Digestion + Restore Balance

Based on the wisdom of Ayurveda, one of the world's oldest system of healthcare (about 5,000 years old), this Ayurvedic Wellness online program teaches you how to lose excess weight, balance your hormones, sleep better, have more energy and feel good in your body by improving your digestive dysfunction at the root of these symptoms and addressing lifestyle and eating habits and choices.

For the next three months, I give you step by step strategies that bring in more balance in your life, help you feel good in your body and have a healthier relationship with foods and with yourself.

When you focus on these strategies then weight loss, good sleep, radiant skin, vibrant energy happen as a side effect of healthy digestion and balance.

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Bridgette Simmonds

Carefully crafted and love-filled courses

With Laure’s program, 12 Weeks To a Lighter You, I’m ALREADY feeling LIGHTER and more importantly more in control of my body than ever.  Working with Laure and going through her carefully crafted and love-filled courses, I have been able to learn the importance of food habits and food choices - both on the road and at home. 

What if you could eat the foods you love and have those foods love you back!?

Here's what's Included in the Ayurvedic Wellness Online Program:

  • A Step by Step Blueprint for Sustainable and Permanent Wellness
  • Charts, Plates, Checklists and Recipes to Guide You Through the Process
  • Over 12 Video Lessons 
  • A Private Online Group With Like-Minded Women
  • 14 LIVE weekly Group Coaching Calls 
  • Ayurvedic Plant Based Cooking videos
  • Yoga Videos
  • 2 When-You-Need-Them Private Coaching Sessions With Me
  • Weekly Worksheet Submission So You Can Stay Motivated and Receive Personal Feedback From Me
  • Massive Support Every Step of the Way and From Every Angle
ayurvedic weight loss healthy soup

You also get these bonuses:


Healthy Eating on the Go

This webinar recording helps you make the best food choices and gives you tips to continue to eat healthy wherever you are and stay on your Ayurvedic weight loss goals!


Bye Bye Belly Fat Webinar

One of the greatest challenge my clients encounter is how to get rid of the belly fat. In this webinar, I give specific Ayurvedic tips, strategies and herbs that target the belly fat.


Go with Ease PDF Guide

Many women silently suffer from constipation, feeling bloated and uncomfortable. In this PDF guide I share with you Ayurvedic tips, strategies and herbs, that help you get back in the flow.

Some of The Results You Get When You Take the Ayurvedic Wellness Program

  • Lose weight sustainably and PERMANENTLY (my clients lose an average of 10 lbs in 3 months).
  • Feel good, happy and healthy in your body and happy with how your clothes fit.
  • Experience digestive health, no more uncomfortable bloating, gas, constipation.
  • Have clear, soft, healthy skin.
  • Feel more balanced and aligned physically, mentally and spiritually
  • Effortlessly be more disciplined and more organized.
  • Have a healthier relationship with yourself, more compassion and patience with yourself.
  • Feel more positive, learn how to tame the beast of negative self-talk, self-judgment and criticism.
  • Sleep better, wake up with more energy and keep that energy throughout the day without the need of a nap or coffee.
  • Know how to prepare delicious, flavorful and healthy meals and make cooking a part of your self care routine

Sapphira Edgarde

I felt on the path to freedom

A major understanding I have now is that I am important, not just to be there for others (like the often quoted story about putting on your own oxygen mask first), but to be there, be here, for MYSELF.


You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

I created this 3 month program so you can experience balance health and have your glow back effortlessly, sustainably and PERMANENTLY. And I use these Ayurvedic strategies myself that's why I can offer a guarantee. Therefore, I feel extremely confident that you'll experience changes in the way you feel and look.

I take this Ayurvedic wellness program very seriously just as you do, so I do require that you submit your homework and worksheets before actually receiving the refund. However, if for some reason you begin the program and know in the first week it's not right for you, simply submit your completed worksheet and you'll get a full refund.

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Margie Meshew

I didn't know it would be as easy as it was

I didn’t know it would be as easy as it was to change my habits. The biggest thing for me that was really detrimental was my skin condition and it’s completely gone. Thank you Laure for giving me my life back.

But Wait! There's More!!

When you sign up for the course, you also get access to my new online course: Ayurveda for Beginners ($197 value) for FREE! This interactive and fun course helps you understand Ayurveda in a meaningful and personal way. In this 25+ videos-course, I share Ayurvedic concepts and principles to create a lifestyle that supports you rather than works against you so you can feel more grounded, in flow, have more energy and joy! You learn to know yourself as you are, so you can have the freedom to BE yourself. Check out the course HERE.

And when you enroll for this program, you become a member of my online sisterhood community, Adventures in Ayurveda, Ancient Wisdom to Explore Womanhood, where you'll meet like-minded women and continue learning about Ayurvedic Medicine with community calls, workshops on women's health, monthly live yoga and cooking classes and so much more!

Ayurvedic Wellness Online Program Syllabus: the First 6 Weeks

The Root Cause of Imbalance: Week 1

Understand the root cause of imbalance such as weight gain, from the Ayurvedic point of view. And learn how the 3 pillars of health will help you regain balance and health.

Improve Your Metabolism: Week 2 & 3

Learn eating habits that will boost your metabolism and decrease bloating, indigestion, acid reflux, fatigue and heaviness.

ayurvedic  sweet dessert

An Ayurvedic Approach to Food Choices: Week 4 & 5

Be clear what are the best foods choices for you and how much of each food category you want on your plate. 

ayurvedic healthy lunch

Addressing Resistance: Week 6

Now more than ever, you need to commit to a sustainable and holistic health approach. Quick fixes make you vulnerable to more serious health issues. And you can't underestimate the strength of your resistance to change.

To succeed, your commitment to be healthy and whole must be stronger than your attachment to the habits and beliefs that feed your symptoms.

Ayurvedic Wellness Online Program Syllabus: the Last 6 Weeks

Cooking for Your Health: Week 7

Dive deeper into meal planning, prepping and cooking. I teach you my 5-step method to healthy cooking for wellness and healthy weight maintenance. You also learn how to plan and prep with efficiency and how to make shopping affordable.

 vegan banana muffin

The Ayurvedic Morning Routine: Week 8

Set up a morning routine that will give you energy and a pep in your step all day long.

brahmi tea

The Ayurvedic Evening Routine: Week 9 & 10

Learn what you can do to ensure a good, regenerating night sleep!

Thai coconut soup

Exercise & Yoga: Week 11

Learn the types of exercise you need to have in your life to stay healthy and fit, how not to overdo it and have enough energy throughout the day. 

Stress Management: Week 12

And implement simple stress management strategies to stay emotionally and mentally balanced.

Lakeisha Frith

I like that you held us accountable.

The group coaching helped me to be accountable to myself and the others in the group. The weekly calls and check ins helped me to stay focused and on task. I enjoyed sharing what I learned with my group and I looked forward to the progress we all made each week.

yoga meditation

Ayurvedic Wellness Online Program's Description

12 Weeks to a Lighter and Healthier You is an online group coaching program based on Laure Carter's popular VIP program for sustainable and permanent Ayurvedic Health & Wellness.

This 12-week course focuses on essential Ayurvedic strategies and habits so you can feel good in your own body and skin.

First, the program starts with an explanation about Ayurveda and the root cause of YOUR imbalance. Based on this understanding you can therefore remedy it.

As you progress, learning strategies, food habits and food choices and practice how to cook for yourself will enable you to know what foods are best for you, how to prepare them. You'll learn lifestyle practices that will help you have more balance in your life, sleep better, manage stress and experience a greater level of energy.

 Ayurvedic Wellness Online Program Highlights

  • A Step by Step Blueprint for Sustainable and Permanent Wellness
  • Charts, Plates, Checklists and Recipes to Guide You Through the Process
  • Over 12 Video Lessons 
  • Weekly Worksheet Submission So You Can Stay Motivated and Receive Personal Feedback From Me
  • A Private Online Group With Like-Minded Women
  • 12 LIVE Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • Ayurvedic Plant Based Cooking videos
  • Yoga Videos
  • 2 When-You-Need-Them Coaching Sessions With Me
  • Massive Support Every Step of the Way and From Every Angle

Ayurvedic Wellness Online Program Objectives

  • Understand what lifestyle tendencies and food choices contribute to your imbalance.
  • Have a healthier relationship with yourself that is patient and compassionate and know how to manage challenges with ease and awareness..
  • Improve your body's ability to digest food properly, eliminate toxins and impurities and enhance immune strength.
  • Efficiently plan, prep and cook plant based meals that are delicious and nutritious, following the time-tested Ayurvedic cooking guidelines.
  • Know what Ayurvedic food choices and food habits that are best for easy digestion and effortless weight loss.
  • Demonstrate that you can make the appropriate food choices and implement the appropriate lifestyle habits.
  • Apply the lifestyle Ayurvedic strategies for weight loss, great sleep and out-of-this-world energy.
  • Prepare meals according to Ayurvedic principles. Create and share your vegetable soups, breakfast and lunch.
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Cynthia Simmons

Nefertiti Jewelry Designer

The major win for me is the sustainability.

The major win for me is the sustainability, it’s actually changing my habits. And the best thing about working with you for me has been experiencing your truth. Having the tools to live a life of good health and sustainability is what this program offered me.

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