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"For over a decade, I've been on a mission to help women regain vitality in their lives by guiding them through a gentle self-discovery process. By simply tuning in and recognizing your body's particular needs, you can regain strength, power and confidence within your body, mind and spirit."

I am in a much better place in regards to my relationship to food. I didn't realize I was a stress eater and an emotional eater before.

Lakeisha Frith

A major understanding I have now is that I am important, not just to be there for others (like the often quoted story about putting on your own oxygen mask first), but to be there, be here, for MYSELF.

Sapphira Edgarde

I felt like a part of me was always trapped in a lifestyle that wasn't helping me reach my potential. The western way of dieting has not been helping.

Valencia Koomsoon