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To achieve vibrant health, it's important to know two things: how you got out of balance in the first place and what you need in order to bring you back in balance. Ayurvedic Medicine is a multi-factorial treatment approach, that includes nutritional therapy, lifestyle habits, yogic mind/body exercises, stress management and the administration of Ayurvedic herbal formulas. With Ayurveda you will be able to walk the tight rope of life with ease and grace. These online courses and recorded classes simplify this information so that it can be easily obtained and applied by anyone looking to restore and enhance their health and well being.


Practice in your own time at your own pace. Courses include Theory, Ayurvedic and Yogic Practices and Email Support.


Recorded classes/webinars include Theory, Ayurvedic and Yogic Practices and Email Support.


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A major understanding I have now is that I am important, not just to be there for others (like the often quoted story about putting on your own oxygen mask first), but to be there, be here, for MYSELF.

Sapphira Edgarde

Thank you for the time you spent sharing your knowledge and love of Ayurveda. I truly learned lessons that I know I will use for the rest of my life!

Lakeisha Frith

With so much information on Ayurvedic practices, Laure made it easy to apply them to my specific needs.

When I followed all to most of the practices, I found a significant difference within myself and my body.

Elizabeth Johnston

Ayurveda is infinitely vast. It's a personalized healing approach that looks at the individual in its entirety, body, mind, energy and spirit. Everything, our diet, lifestyle, thoughts, emotions, what we perceive through the 5 senses are used in Ayurveda as healing therapy. Therefore, its principles, practices, techniques and herbal medicines are extensive. When you take one of our courses, you get an experiential education into the wisdom and science of Ayurveda.

I created these courses to share the light, healing and compassion of Ayurvedic Medicine for everyone to benefit from it. These courses offer perennial wisdom as a solution for Western, modern health crises.

Our courses are personable and easily accessible to anyone looking to restore and enhance their health and well-being!

Are you ready for transformation?!  

"For over a decade, I've been on a mission to help women regain vitality in their lives by guiding them through a gentle self-discovery process. By simply tuning in and recognizing your body's particular needs, you can regain strength, power and confidence within your body, mind and spirit."