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- I'm a true South Floridian, I was born in Miami Dade.

- I'm African-American on my father's side and French-Alsatian on my mother side.

- I love foods. My cousin Alain owned a 5-star restaurant in Luxembourg. Love of good foods runs in my family!

- I spent the most significant years of my life in the island of Martinique. The place that I still call home.

- I've been a vegetarian since April 1990. One day, I just lost my taste for animal flesh.

- I was an international model and worked with Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Bill Blass, Bob Mackie and many more and loved it! I used to teach meditation to the other models! And I still LOVE fashion. I read French ELLE religiously!

- I have a bachelor degree in British English (hence the accent), Literal Arabic and studied Hebrew for 2 years.

- I love the fact that I belong in most countries in the world.

- I'm an avid reader. Especially light mysteries

- I've travelled to India, Africa, Thailand, Europe (of course), the Middle East and South America.

- On my day off, I can binge watch a good mystery series for hours!

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