What's the thing in your life that sucks and you're not talking about it?

Here's what I know, many of us suffer in silence...

We put on a happy face, soldier on, while really struggling inside...

So what's the thing in your life that sucks and you're not talking about it?


What I realize is that, though the circumstances may be different, we're all wishing for better sleep, a way to stop the negative chatter in our mind, more self-compassion and yes, being able to feel good in our own body and skin, without criticizing every single part of our body!

We're all wishing we understood why we do the things we do, think the thoughts we think that spiral us into a vortex of self-judgment and denigration... and cut us from our creativity... 

And we're all wondering how can we make the changes we need to make so we can be healthier and have more peace of mind.

So if you can relate to even one thing I mentioned above, then keep on reading.



Yes, you read right!

Helping you find a way to feel good in your body and your own skin, feel inspired and creative, trust yourself and love yourself, sleep better, have a healthy and delicious relationship with foods, feel free to be the YOU you know you are, is what I do every single day, with every single one of my clients.

It's the work I've dedicated my life to! 

Through Ayurvedic health and wellness, I  help women feel vibrantly healthy, alive and whole, manifesting their highest vision of themselves  so they can become agents of change.

And I do this, because I'm not afraid to ASK THE HARD QUESTIONS.

And get at the root of the matter...

I wish I were so comfortable on camera right now that I could look into your eyes to tell you this. But I tend to search for my words a lot 😉 so I'm writing to you instead hoping you can feel my energy, my intent.

Are you still with me!?


So, if that one thing that sucks in your life has to do with your health and well-being and your ability to get on a sustainable wellness path or maintain a healthy routine for yourself and/or your family, then I'd like to invite you to consider my online group coaching program 12 Weeks to a Lighter and Healthier You! And join the dozens of women for whom sustainable wellness is a reality!

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I'm particularly excited about this program because it is an updated version of my past programs.

I have combined ALL the wonderful things about 12 Weeks to a Lighter You, my weight loss program and ALL the wonderful things about Healing Your Life, my Ayurvedic wellness program into one transformational course!

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