Ready to lose weight effectively and sustainably and have more energy to make a greater impact?

You only need to know WHERE to start.

And you keep implementing the steps progressively and consistently.

That's the key to a healthy weight for life. And I'm going to spend 3 days revealing exactly how to do that.

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Achieve a healthy weight sustainably without DIETING or doing CRAZY WORKOUTS

October 19-20, 2022

 Noon - 7pm Eastern

And October 21

Noon - 5pm Eastern

(Replays available for 24 hours)

Tuition is just $97 $997

I believe you can lose excess pounds and maintain a healthy weight all of your life no matter how old you are!

But you're stuck. Right now, there are so many competing diet programs enticing you with fast weight loss.

So how do you resist the appeal of a quick fix?

How do you lose weight and keep it off?

You shift your focus from weight loss to whole health.

This means concentrating on how you feel, not on the number of pounds you lose by attending to your physical, mental and social well-being. 

Making all aspects of your life equally important without sacrificing one aspect in favor of another.

Creating generational health, as you inspire by example.

Right now there are brilliant women intent on making the world a better place and breaking glass-ceilings who are dying too young because of weight related preventable diseases.

Being overweight affects your stamina, your heart and mental health.

Think of the disservice you're doing to the people in your world, the patients, clients and family members you could help, but just aren't because you're too tired, depressed, stressed and unwell.

Now is the perfect time to shed the excess weight once and for all, raise your energy and improve your performance so you can make a greater impact.

That's why you want to lose weight in the first place, right?


A healthy weight that allows you to do more of the things you love... is your ticket to freedom.

The pandemic was a wake up call. It's time to care for your whole health, strengthen your immune, hormonal and nervous system so you can have more time to fulfill your purpose.  

But right now, you're not sure how to do it...

You've tried so many diets before and each time you lost weight you gained it back... 

(That's because those diets were only meant for short term results. There is no way you could have stayed on them over time. To lose weight and keep it off you have to focus on sustainability and longevity.)
Focusing on yourself feels selfish. 

(Wrong! When you invest in yourself, others get the best of you!)
You have a busy schedule and don't have time to add one more thing on your plate.

(The beauty of a holistic approach is that you just one strategy at a time has wide-range results. As a result, to become more efficient.) 
Sick You're eager to start, but unsure what the best first step is to see immediate results and keep you motivated.

(Solved. Be at this virtual event.It's a safety measure that protects you against overwhelm and confusion. And you'll come away ready with a clear plan you can begin right away.)

I have the proven formula to make your weight loss journey truly holistic.

My system has led to over 500 lbs in weight lost over the years and created balance and peace of mind in the life of my clients.

Over 10 years ago, in my mid-forties, I transitioned into peri-menopause and my body changed.

I started experiencing uncomfortable digestive troubles like gas, bloating, and indigestion. 

As the symptoms got worse, I started gaining weight, especially around my belly. 

In 6 months, I gained 25 lbs.

As a Yoga teacher and health coach, I felt embarrassed and ashamed. 

That's when I turned to Ayurveda and found the missing link.

Within 2 weeks of implementing Ayurvedic lifestyle strategies and principles, my painful bloating and indigestion completely disappeared. And the excess weight melted off in 6 months and I haven't gained it back.

Not only did I lose the weight, but the symptoms related to peri-menopause disappeared as well.

Then it hit me. I could take the process I used to lose weight efficiently and sustainably and teach it to other women over 40 who were having the very problem I had to figure out how to solve.

systematized my process into 6 key elements. I have since taught these 6 elements to dozens of women who went on to lose 10, 20, 40, 112 lbs and feel confident about themselves and their health.

Here's the best part...

You won't have to study Ayurveda for 5 years and spend tens of thousands of dollars.

Right now, you can learn these elements at the Jumpstart Your Healthy Weight for Life Retreat for just $97!

Consider it my "Stick it to the diet industry" gift!

I'm sick and tired of women being made to feel that there's something wrong with them. That they lack discipline and should control and corset their bodies by restricting themselves.

I'm pissed that so many women just take their weight and health problems as a fatality because the solutions available to them are draconian.

I believe that women are the first educators of our society and as such, the health and well-being of a society depends on their health and well-being.

I'm doing my part on assuring that women have the right tools and mindset to care for themselves so they can share their wisdom and continue to be actors of change.

I love to educate women and help them create generational health.

Although the cost of the retreat is discounted, the content is not. You'll come away with a clear understanding of where to start, what you want to address to be able to release the excess weight. 

During the Jumpstart Your Healthy Weight for Life Retreat, I give you the 6 proven elements for HIGHLY SUSTAINABLE weight loss.

You're going to learn:

How to identify the root cause of your weight gain so you can stop gaining more weight right away.
The Ayurvedic formula to boost your metabolism and ensure a healthy gut microbiome to digest foods effectively.
How to support your body's ability to get rid of waste, toxins and impurities without doing extreme detox that wreak havoc on your body.
The holistic triad that restores the healthy function of your immune, hormonal and nervous systems.
The ancient mystical tools to melt your resistance to change and manage your negative self-talk.
Live Ayurvedic health coaching! This is your chance to get my expertise and experience!
The secret to creating Gut-Friendly meals that are easy to prepare, delicious and satisfying.

You're invited to...

The Jumpstart Your Healthy Weight for Life Virtual Retreat

Wednesday and Thursday October 19-20, 2022

Noon to 7pm Easter time both days

And Friday October 21, 2022

Noon to 5pm Eastern time

(Replays available for 24 hours)

It's not enough to want to lose weight, you have to know where to start and how to implement consistently.

This means identifying the root cause of your weight gain, knowing what lifestyle habits and food choices are triggering it and knowing what to replace these habits and choices with.

Take a look at these inspiring stories from women just like you who went from struggling to lose weight to losing the weight, keeping it off and feeling more confident about themselves and their health...

The things that you taught us in the program really facilitate us being able to make delicious foods quickly.

The inflammation in my gut and my whole body has decreased tremendously. I've gone from struggling to walk half a mile due to arthritis in my feet to walking 2 miles a day at double my earlier pace.

I'm confidently planning a trip to Greece this summer.

My overall health and energy have improved remarkably. And I continued to lose weight over the next 2 years of a total of 110 lbs.

Beverly Singh, aka, Swami Atmarupa Saraswati

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

I have never participated in something like this before and I felt guilty for wanting to do something for myself.

The group coaching helped me be accountable to myself and the others in the group.

Prior to the program I hadn't been cooking that much. I learned how to use spices and flavors in a new way. My digestion issues have gotten a lot better.

I am more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth and how it affects me.

I am in a better place in regards to my relationship with foods.

I am more active and making smarter choices each day.

I like that you held us accountable . When we didn't follow through on our assignments or homework, you reminded us why we did the program and why it was important to us.

You have a breadth of knowledge and are able to explain it Ian a simple way that is easy to understand.

I am perfectly capable of having a healthy digestion and losing weight. And I've lost about 12 lbs that have not returned.

I also learned that the best investment we can make is into ourselves.

I truly learned lessons that I know I will use for the rest of my life!

Lakeisha Frith


I went from fighting with myself to working with myself, to alleviating the worst things that have been bothering me. 

This program managed to change my story about the relationship between myself and my body.

I continued to lose the weight long after the program ended and lost 30lbs.

Lucy Peguero


Before the program, I felt stuck. I felt like I needed guidance on how to lose weight and be healthy, but I wasn't sure if someone other than myself could ultimately be that support.

There are so many coaches and diets and programs out there that claim to help you with your eating plans and weight loss goals.

What I didn't know was that I did need the outside support--it just wasn't those other programs, it was Laure!

The group coaching program helped me reach my goals by providing a safe and inspiring place to learn how to care for my body at a comfortable and digestible pace, (no pun intended)!

I lost 18 lbs. I realized I CAN cook! I don't need recipes when I follow Laure's 5-step method with any vegetables I want or have around.

I have less judgement towards myself, and more confidence. I understand the true importance of self-care. The yoga sessions were amazing--a practice for anywhere, anytime.

I felt on the path to FREEDOM.

A major understanding I have now is that I am important, not just to be there for others (like the often quoted story about putting your own oxygen mask first), but to be there, be here for MYSELF.

Sapphira Edgarde

If you're truly committed to living a healthier life, and having more energy, and balance in your life, then you're ready for this event.

The Jumpstart Your Healthy Weight for Life Retreat is designed to help you shed light on the real causes of your weight gain and inspire you to live a more balanced life so the excess weight melts off effortlessly.

I know you're busy.

But the proven system I'll share with you will save you tons of disappointment and desperation.

Day 1

Get the inside scoop on the Ayurvedic Assessment System. This system is designed to hep you determine the root cause of your weight gain.
Discover your Ayurvedic doshic constitution or predispositions. This is like your physical, mental and behavioral DNA, which helps you understand why to got out of balance and ultimately gained weight.
Identify the lifestyle habits and food choices that create a state of imbalance and causing you to personally gain weight.
Set yourself up for success right from the start. 

Day 2

Discover what it takes to successfully implement the right strategies.
Learn how to overcome resistance and cultivate patience and self-compassion.
Get the tools to manage your negative self-talk that sabotage your efforts.

Day 3

Get my unique blueprint for a healthy weight that you can sustain for the rest of your life.
The secret to making every meal easily digestible and gut-friendly.
Design a personalized lifestyle routine that will bring balance and wellness.

At the end of these three days, you'll not only know how to start losing weight sustainably and successfully, you'll also leave motivated and inspired.

And you'll be ready to achieve your goal and dream.

Where do you want your life to be a year from now? How do you want to feel in your body?

If you can visualize it, you can achieve it. You just need to start taking steps now.

You're invited to...

The Jumpstart Your Healthy Weight for Life Virtual Retreat

Wednesday and Thursday October 19-20, 2022

Noon to 7pm Easter time both days

And Friday October 21, 2022

Noon to 5pm Eastern time

(Replays available for 24 hours)

BONUS #1 (Tuition: $297): 
Ayurvedic Wellness Assessment Quiz & Video Recommendations

This self-assessment will get you prepared for the retreat. After tallying your results, you get redirected to a video recording where I share my recommendations for your specific imbalance.

BONUS #2 (Tuition: $97): 
Ayurvedic Recipe Booklet & Videos

You get my top Ayurvedic recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert with a video recording to show you how to prepare them!

Cynthia Simmons sacred beading
Cynthia Simmons, 
Jewelry Designer

For me prior to the program, I never really had a path that was sustainable for long term weight loss.

The major win for me is the sustainability, it's actually changing my habits. As a result, I lost 30 lbs.

Having the tools to live a life of good health and sustainability is what this program offered me.

Terica Allen, 
Business owner

I lost 12 lbs in 3 months.

Learning how to take care of me not just food wise but mentally and emotionally and learning it was okay to do so is what was important.

I loved the lifelong tips for eating easy to remember. 

The cooking classes help solidify what I was learning and gave me options for things I needed to eat.

What I learned helped my whole family.

Bridgette Simmonds, 
Life & Business Coach

A lighter you is how I feel.

Thank you for doing what you do and sharing your gift.

You changed my life in a big way, Laure, I'm so grateful.

Sabrina Fajardo, 
the Brand Artisan

I've lost 31 lbs in 4 months. 

It has been easy to flow through the whole process and add something new, one step at a time.

I not only lost weight, I gained clarity and peace.

Working with Laure has been incredible.

I lost 20 lbs in 6 months. I feel healthier, have more energy and confidence!

The specific feature I liked best was Laure's intuitive ability to use the mind-body approach to create more awareness with respect to eating patterns which are mood related.

I would definitely recommend your program. It makes absolute sense from the physiological point of view.

Neelima Reddy


I have lost 20 lbs and it came off and stayed off.

Laure guided me through the patterns and habits that were so deeply ingrained in my psyche.

My relationship with food has changed forever.

I am beyond grateful for Laure for all that she has given me, but the greatest gift of all was that by learning to love food in a real way, I have also discovered how to love myself in a real way.

Adeline Jabrayan


Once you learn where to start, You can go at your own pace, making easy and progressive changes until your body reaches its ideal weight!

This is not a one and done system. This is meant to become an integral part of your lifestyle.
This is a journey of reconnecting you with your deeper nature, and creating a state of homeostasis in your body to heal itself. You're not forcing the weight to drop, the weight drops on its own.

And you can learn it in just 3 days.
Join me now!

Reserve your spot with the 90% discount for:

Achieve a healthy weight sustainably without DIETING or doing CRAZY WORKOUTS

October 19-20, 2022

Noon - 7pm Eastern

And October 21, 2022

Noon - 5pm Eastern

(Replays available for 24 hours)

Tuition is just $97 $997