Healthy Weight For Life

3-month Ayurvedic Group Coaching Program

 with Laure Carter

How to Achieve & Maintain a Healthy Weight Effectively and Sustainably

You have a higher vision for your life to make a greater impact with your wisdom and expertise - and the world needs you to show up and share your light.

It's time to expand your visibility by raising your energy.

You're ready to boost your performance.

You deserve an optimal health that supports your business and your lifestyle.

Maybe you've been thinking about making some lifestyle changes... and now on the other side of a global pandemic, taking care of yourself and improving your health is more important than ever!

And reaching a healthy weight is a great way to start.

So let's get you started!

My Healthy Weight for Life 3-month Ayurvedic Group Coaching is the perfect support system to help you improve your energy, feel good in your body and let go of what's slowing you down - with ease.

If you're...

Unclear about what's triggering your weight issues.
Unsure how to resolve digestive symptoms like gas, bloating, stomach cramping, heartburn, acid reflux, constipation, feeling tired and heavy after eating...
Frustrated because you've tried so many different diet systems
Sick of feeling weighted down, judged (including by yourself) and uncomfortable in your own body.

Don't worry, you're not alone. And you're in the right place!

"I help you understand what's triggering your imbalance and how create a sustainable and customized healing approach."

I show you how to heal the underlying cause(s) easily, naturally and sustainably so you can have your life back. 

I give you my proven formula and strategies to experience sustainable and lasting relief.

You can be eating the foods you love, having loads of energy that lasts throughout the day, losing weight effortlessly and feeling confident about your overall health.

I've done it and my clients have too. Here's my story...

"I used to worry that I'd never be able to enjoy my favorite foods with my friends."

But that's not the case at all!!

I cook delicious meals for myself and friends, like fusilli pasta with potatoes and green beans, enchiladas, palak panir, and mouth-watering desserts like chocolate brownies without experiencing any digestive disturbances.

Cooking is my # 1 self-care and it's the way I show love so it was really important for me to be able to enjoy a variety of foods again.

I have more freedom of choices around food and more freedom in general. I travel with peace of mind, without worrying about what to eat because I know exactly what to choose and how to eat it so I feel great.

I have lots of energy throughout the day and no longer experience the energy slump in the afternoon.

The best part is I feel great in my body and in my own skin! I wear the clothes I want to wear not I have to wear!

I want this for you too! You deserve to to feel good and light in your body AND enjoy your life to the fullest!

My proven processes and coaching have helped many of my clients get off the yo-yo dieting wheel for the long haul - see a few of their testimonials on this page.

This can work for you too.

"My belly feels good and so does my head."

My clients have amped up their energy and boosted their performance. They're making a greater impact in their business, enjoying more of their lives. It's so fulfilling to witness and celebrate them becoming their highest vision of themselves!

I'm passionate about showing women over 40 like you how to reach a healthy weight because it's the ultimate confidence boost.

Success Stories

The things that you taught us in the program really facilitate us being able to make delicious foods quickly.

The inflammation in my gut and my whole body has decreased tremendously. I've gone from struggling to walk half a mile due to arthritis in my feet to walking 2 miles a day at double my earlier pace.

I'm confidently planning a trip to Greece this summer.

My overall health and energy have improved remarkably. And I continued to lose weight over the next 2 years of a total of 110 lbs.

Beverly Singh, aka, Swami Atmarupa Saraswati

Yoga and Meditation Teacher

I have never participated in something like this before and I felt guilty for wanting to do something for myself.

The group coaching helped me be accountable to myself and the others in the group.

Prior to the program I hadn't been cooking that much. I learned how to use spices and flavors in a new way. My digestion issues have gotten a lot better.

I am more aware of what I'm putting in my mouth and how it affects me.

I am in a better place in regards to my relationship with foods.

I am more active and making smarter choices each day.

I like that you held us accountable . When we didn't follow through on our assignments or homework, you reminded us why we did the program and why it was important to us.

You have a breadth of knowledge and are able to explain it Ian a simple way that is easy to understand.

I am perfectly capable of having a healthy digestion and losing weight. And I've lost about 12 lbs that have not returned.

I also learned that the best investment we can make is into ourselves.

I truly learned lessons that I know I will use for the rest of my life!

Lakeisha Frith

Teacher and Musician

I went from fighting with myself to working with myself, to alleviating the worst things that have been bothering me. 

This program managed to change my story about the relationship between myself and my body.

I continued to lose the weight long after the program ended and lost 30lbs.

Lucy Peguero


Before the program, I felt stuck. I felt like I needed guidance on how to lose weight and be healthy, but I wasn't sure if someone other than myself could ultimately be that support.

There are so many coaches and diets and programs out there that claim to help you with your eating plans and weight loss goals.

What I didn't know was that I did need the outside support--it just wasn't those other programs, it was Laure!

The group coaching program helped me reach my goals by providing a safe and inspiring place to learn how to care for my body at a comfortable and digestible pace, (no pun intended)!

I lost 18 lbs. I realized I CAN cook! I don't need recipes when I follow Laure's 5-step method with any vegetables I want or have around.

I have less judgement towards myself, and more confidence. I understand the true importance of self-care. The yoga sessions were amazing--a practice for anywhere, anytime.

I felt on the path to FREEDOM.

A major understanding I have now is that I am important, not just to be there for others (like the often quoted story about putting your own oxygen mask first), but to be there, be here for MYSELF.

Sapphira Edgarde

Healthy Weight For Life

3-month Ayurvedic Group Coaching Program

So let's do this together! Here's how my Healthy Weight For Life 3-Month Ayurvedic Program can help...

The Healthy Weight For Life Ayurvedic Program is for women over 40 who have tried everything to help themselves around weight gain, but haven't had the results they want.

It's deeply healing because you get an opportunity to address the root of the problem. It's a safe space to be vulnerable, to be understood and loved and root for each other.

The group is kept intentionally small (no more than 8-10 women) so you can get the kind of support that keeps you on track and don't fall into the cracks.

While the focus is weight loss, you can also experience clear skin, gut health, a decrease in perimenopausal symptoms, greater clarity and focus, more compassion and patience with yourself and more FREEDOM.

The program includes live virtual training and coaching.

Below are the 4 Key Elements you focus on in the in-depth healing plan we provide.

Identifying the Root Cause

There's no such thing as one-size-fits-all treatment approach. Everyone has unique predispositions. What's causing an imbalance in one person is different from what's causing the same imbalance in another.

I help you identify the unique root-cause to your weight gain, its specific triggers and the unique treatment plan to resolve it.

Restoring Your Digestive Ability

You get my complete training on how to boost your metabolism. From creating new eating habits essential for gut health to choosing the best foods that will nourish you to incorporating food combining principles - I've got you covered.

I also help you plan, prep and cook delicious meals with a variety of yummy foods.

Removing Waste,Toxins and Impurities

Drastic detox programs do more harm than good. You need to learn how to support your body's own ability to get rid of waste, toxins and impurities that are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria.

3 main organs are involved, the liver, the lymphatic system and the large intestine. You get my step by step process to amplify the function of your liver, lymphatic system and your large intestine. 

Restoring Your Whole Health

Stressful lifestyle impacts your immune, hormonal and mental health and vice versa.

I teach you specific techniques that will strengthen your immune system, balance your hormones, particularly thyroid, reproductive and adrenal and improve your energy and your performance.

You learn how to better manage stress and stressful habits like emotional eating and bingeing.

Level Up Your Whole Health with the In-Depth Support of the Healthy Weight For Life 3-Month Ayurvedic Program

When you join the Healthy Weight For Life Ayurvedic Program, you get access to...

1 Live and Virtual Cooking Session a month to teach you how to plan, prepare and cook meals to maintain a healthy gut bacteria, boost metabolism and feel nourished and satisfied.
6 live and virtual coaching sessions, where you get personalized feedback and support from me.
1 live and virtual training session month, where we dive deeper into the concepts and practices you learn in the training videos. 
Training Videos that will progressively guide you through my Ayurvedic process to achieve and maintain balance and a healthy weight.
Healthy Gut Recipes videos to help you cook your favorite foods in a way that you can best digest them and heal your relationship with food and cooking your own food.
12 Yoga videos to increase your energy and your digestive fire, remove tensions and tightness.
Massive support every step of the way and from every angle

For me prior to the program, I never really had a path that was sustainable for long term weight loss.

The major win for me is the sustainability, it's actually changing my habits. As a result, I lost 30 lbs.

Having the tools to live a life of good health and sustainability is what this program offered me.

Cynthia Simmons sacred beading

Cynthia Simmons

Jewelry Designer -

I lost 12 lbs in 3 months.

Learning how to take care of me not just food wise but mentally and emotionally and learning it was okay to do so is what was important.

I loved the lifelong tips for eating easy to remember. 

The cooking classes help solidify what I was learning and gave me options for things I needed to eat.

What I learned helped my whole family.

Cynthia Simmons sacred beading

Terica Allen

Business Owner

A lighter you is how I feel.

Thank you for doing what you do and sharing your gift.

You changed my life in a big way, Laure, I'm so grateful.

Bridgette Simmonds

Life Coach -

I've lost 31 lbs in 4 months. 

It has been easy to flow through the whole process and add something new, one step at a time.

I not only lost weight, I gained clarity and peace.

Working with Laure has been incredible.

Sabrina Fajardo

The Brand Artisan

I lost 20 lbs in 6 months. I feel healthier, have more energy and confidence!

The specific feature I liked best was Laure's intuitive ability to use the mind-body approach to create more awareness with respect to eating patterns which are mood related.

I would definitely recommend your program. It makes absolute sense from the physiological point of view.

Neelima Reddy, Radiologist

I have lost 20 lbs and it came off and stayed off.

Laure guided me through the patterns and habits that were so deeply ingrained in my psyche.

My relationship with food has changed forever.

I am beyond grateful for Laure for all that she has given me, but the greatest gift of all was that by learning to love food in a real way, I have also discovered how to love myself in a real way.

Adeline Jabrayan, Musician

How to Take the Next Step!

Schedule an Ayurvedic Quick Read Session

If you want the proven path to lasting gut health with the least amount of trial and error, then let's talk to see if the Healthy Weight For Life Ayurvedic Program is right for you.

You next step is to apply for a private Ayurvedic Quick Read Session.

This is a one-on-one meeting, we'll take a closer look at the root cause(s) of your weight gain.

I'll help you identify the hidden challenges that are causing you to experience weight gain.  Then I'll make my professional recommendation for the most effective strategies to help you reach your goals of whole health and wellness as fast as possible.

I'll help you get crystal clear about what it will take to resolve your specific imbalance and have lasting whole health.

I recommend reserving your Ayurvedic Quick Read Session right away as spots on my schedule are extremely limited!