What is self-love? 

Is self-love just another type of self-indulgence in an already narcissistic society? Or is it the path to true freedom?

I’ve been asking myself these questions lately, as I hear so many coaches encourage everyone to love themselves!

They say you have to love yourself to truly love another! Do you really? The most beautiful love stories are often that of self-sacrifice!

What if you can’t love yourself? Are you doom to be alone and unloved for all eternity? Of course not! 

And can we love ourselves a little too much?

Yeah, some people do and they’re called narcissistic!

A happy medium

So perhaps the truth lies somewhere in between. Where you love yourself enough to not let other people take advantage of you. And not too much so you don’t develop blindspots.

And perhaps, what is meant by self-love is really self-compassion. Being able to see yourself as you are with a little courage, patience and levity!

Owning your own shadow

Loving ourselves can simply imply embracing the dark sides of our psyche… our selfishness, our perfectionism, our need to be right. All of the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like to reveal for fear of being judged and ostracized.

In the video below, I share a personal experience that changed the way I related to myself and how I showed up in the world. 

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