One of my clients had been dieting for over 60 years.

Losing and gaining weight repeatedly.

Until at 71 years old, she decided it was time she focused on her health.

In 2 years, she lost over 115 lbs and never gained it back.

She shared that in addition to following the Ayurvedic lifestyle guidance I shared with her, she applied to getting healthier, the same focus, discipline and commitment she put into her job as an anesthetist of 25 years and as a yoga studio owner of 23 years.

There are core values we practice in our business so that we stay the course and keep it profitable. These same values are the ones we need to implement in our health regimen so we can prevent symptoms and disease and have consistent energy to do the things we want to do.

Here are 5 that I encourage my clients to use.

1- Persistence

Part of running a business is showing up. We don’t start a business like it’s a project, thinking that in a couple of months or a couple of years we will just stop! We’re in it for the long term and when we decide, it’s with longevity in mind.

We should have a similar mindset with our health endeavors! With our health goals, we want to think and implement long-term strategies. 

You wouldn’t work like a maniac for a month and then just stop doing anything. In the same way, you wouldn’t get on a healthy kick for about a month and then go back to your old habits. Well, perhaps you are!

2- Diversity

When you incorporate diversity (and inclusivity) in your business, you have more creativity, you are better at problem-solving, you make smarter decisions and you increase your profits and productivity.

If you are in my world, you have heard me say many times, “diversity shouldn’t just be in the workplace, it also needs to be on your plate.”

A diversity of foods ensures that you have a wide spectrum of the nutrients necessary for good health, energy and gut microbiome.

You also want diversity in the health strategies you employ. Doing the same thing every day can get you feeling in a rut. You can change out an exercise, add a meditation practice and have a new fruit/vegetable you add into your meals.

3- Sustainability

The health of your business depends on how sustainable it can be.

In the same way, your health and well-being depend on the sustainability of your healthy lifestyle.

If you try to do too many things right away, you won’t stick to all of them. And what often happens is that we give up everything instead of scaling back.

You wouldn’t do that with your business. Why do it with your health? Reassess every few months and examine which strategies are easiest to stick with and go back to the challenging ones later. 

4- Accountability or Self-Responsibility

When you are in business, you have to be accountable to your clients and to yourself. Keep your promises. Deliver! There’s no other way!

For your health, you also have to be accountable. Accountability is self-responsibility. 

The Sanskrit word for health is swastha, which literally means established in yourself. And being established in yourself implies you are responsible for how you feel, for your choices and your habits.

And just like with a business, sometimes it’s good “business” to hire a coach to help you stay accountable and on track.

5- Continuous Improvement

A business is never static. The goal is to expand, get more clients and get better at what you do and offer.

Balance is not static. Balance is walking the tightrope of life. With your health, you get better at preventing burnout and self-sabotage.

You also learn to adapt to your needs at different times in your life.

You continually assess, adjust, and improve. You become more attuned to what you need at the moment and better at fulfilling that need.

The up and down moments are not as dramatic anymore.

Health and business are not that different!

We would benefit from handling our health the same way we handle our businesses.

In health and business, persistence, diversity, sustainability, accountability and continuous improvement yield good, reliable and life long dividends!

What are the core values you apply to your business you could apply to your health as well?