Ayurveda and Women’s Health

Women’s health is at the heart of my practice and my passion. 

I recognized at an early age that as women, we are conditioned to think about ourselves last. We’re conditioned to take care of everyone around us first and to sacrifice our health for the well-being of others.

As a result, when we experience fatigue, or other symptoms, we don’t immediately address them and look for quick-fixes. When not addressed, these symptoms develop into full blown pathologies.

Since 1984, heart disease has been the leading cause of death for women. 

This is a condition I see over and over again with my clients or the women I speak to.

And I aim to change that with Ayurveda! Read my blog, Why Ayurveda is Relevant for Women of Color

A family’s health is dependent on women’s health!

Most likely, in a household, a woman is the primary caregiver. She gives love, she guides and she teaches.

As a teacher it’s her role to teach everyone else about physical health and mental and emotional well-being.

And to fulfill this role, she has to be a role-model.

Ayurveda is Feminine Wisdom par excellence!

In my humble opinion, I look at Ayurveda, the knowledge of Life and of Nature as being a feminine wisdom par excellence. 

Because Ayurveda encourages us to bring ourselves back to the natural biological rhythms that exist within ourselves and outside of ourselves. The more aligned we are with the bio-rhythms of our mind-body, the more we experience health, joy, peace of mind and balance!

The Three Pillars of Ayurvedic Medicine

Even though most women come to me for weight management, what they end up experiencing is a whole transformation. That’s because of the 3 pillars of Ayurvedic Medicine: 

Pillar 1: It addresses the whole person, mind, body and spirit.

Pillar 2: It’s customized medicine.

Pillar 3: It focuses on the root-cause.

The foundation of health and wellness is nutrition

Nutrition is not just about what we eat. It’s also, and perhaps more importantly, about how we eat; our mindset around food and eating.

Listen to the interview and find out about more foundational practices of Ayurvedic Medicine for women’s physical health and mental and emotional well-being.

The root of imbalance

Finally, I share how we initially go out of balance.

Listen to Kanesha Baynard interview other female health advocates, go to Kanesha’s instagram: @kaneshabaynard

 Click here for my short Ayurvedic Wellness Assessment and get started on your Ayurvedic lifestyle journey.

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