Craft a Healthy Eating & Weight Management Plan Wherever You Go!

​Introducing the Healthy Eating On the Road​ Webinar

Ready to start unpacking your unhealthy habits?

Need a realistic plan you can use wherever your busy schedule takes you?

Isn't it time you went from feeling stressed, tired and bloated to confident, jazzed and slim?

Then let me show you how to craft a healthy weight loss plan that's just right for you.

Healthy Eating on the Road gives you the tools.

Look, you already know that making healthy food choices when you're busy, or always on the go, is key to being consistent with your health and weight goals. But still, you get stressed and you fall into temptation.

The good news is, I know where you are. I've been there. And I've helped many of my clients create a healthy eating routine that WORKS.

Even when your food choices are limited

Even if you have digestive troubles

Even if you don't have time to eat

Even when you're stressed

​Bridgette Simmonds


​I have traveled my entire working life - which is nearly 20 years. At the height of my travel, I was on the road weekly either by car or plane and had racked up plenty of hotel and airline miles as well as mileage on my poor body. I knew that something HAD to change as I was not getting any younger and reversing the 5-10 pounds I would pack on with my unhealthy habits quickly became 10-20 pounds to reverse that were NOT moving off of my body the way they once would.
And then Laure stepped in! ​Knowing that I am free to choose the foods I eat and being mindful of what foods support my digestion best and what foods do NOT, I am feeling at my absolute BEST in life right now! My energy is great - no afternoon slumps. And I have even lost a few pounds and people are starting to notice!! I feel amazing and I now know that wherever I am and need to be, I have the ability to support my body in a way that makes me feel ALIVE! 

I want you to feel good and confident every time, and wherever your schedule and lifestyle takes you! That's why I'm SO excited to share Healthy Eating on the Road, Craft a Healthy Eating & Weight Management Plan with Ayurveda with you. I created it with you in mind if you're tired of your own excuses, and you're ready to take your first step towards losing the weight and keeping it off for good.

​I'll discuss:

  • ​What to bring with you when you're on the go.
  • ​3 Food Habits you need to know to feel good about eating.
  • 3 Food Choices to make at restaurants you can feel good about.

Janessa Russo


​I always thought I was eating clean until I started working with you. I was missing so many other components! Since I’ve been working with you and using all the spices, I feel like my digestion is so much better. I’m going to continue doing all the things you’ve taught me because they do work and they make sense.

Plus A Few More Incredible Benefits 

I'll share how you can...

- Feel good in your body.

- Leave guilt and shame about what you eat behind.

- Stay excited about staying on track, so you don't feel like you fell off the wagon.

Take the first step to better health even when you're busy. Click the red button below to begin.

I've been in the health business for over 10 years as a massage therapist, a yoga and meditation teacher, and a holistic health counselor. But it wasn't until I struggled with my own weight gain and digestive issues and turned to Ayurvedic Medicine that I found sustainable and long term strategies that work for me and my clients. Today, I want to share these strategies with you!


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