​Overcoming Resistance and Overwhelm

Have you noticed how hard it is to stick to a healthy eating and lifestyle plan?

You would think that doing what it takes to be and feel healthy would be a piece of cake, right?!

Yet so many of us struggle to implement healthier eating and lifestyle habits and making better eating choices.


Because of resistance and overwhelm…

Resistance is when we know for example that instead of having that piece of vegan cookie dough, it would be more beneficial to drink a nice cup of homemade chai tea or cumin-coriander-fennel tea!

Or when we know we need help but we find all kinds of excuses like it’s too expensive, I don’t have time, etc. not to get it!

Resistance is when it’s 10pm and instead of turning off the electronics and enjoying a self-massage so we can have a good night sleep and wake up refreshed and energized we binge watch the last episodes of This Is Us!

And overwhelm is when taking care of and making time for ourselves, our well-being feels stressful!

Today, I’m not going into the why we fall into resistance and overwhelm, this is for another discussion.

I would like to share how to overcome resistance and overwhelm.

This is something I share with all my VIP clients because it works!

You can listen to my solution for resistance and overwhelm here

Or keep on reading.

Resistance and overwhelm are emotions.

When we give in to these emotions, we have a hard time staying on track.

The remedy for that is to develop non-judgmental awareness.

What does that mean?

It means that we need to develop the ability to simply be present to what is, whether it is our thoughts, behaviors or choices without any judgement.

Have you ever noticed that the more you judge a food or a behavior bad, the harder it is to let it go?

Why is that?

It’s because you’re in resistance to it and whatever you resist persists.

Moreover, when we judge, we create a stress and when we’re stressed, change is not possible.

I know many of you doubt that just being aware of you picking up that extra helping of ice cream or cake will help you stop the habit.

But try it and see what happens!

Drop the freaking self-judgment!

Drop beating yourself up! Right now! Be done!

You’ve been taught and told all your life to be hard on yourself!

How’s that worked for you?

When it comes to food, you’ve had this constant negative self-talk which led to this behavior of punishing yourself and then rewarding yourself for being so hard on yourself!

This compulsive cycle of punishment and reward can only work for so long.

The result of all these years of conditioning is that today when you want to lose weight and feel healthy, you systematically use this punishment and reward approach. This behavior doesn’t work, hasn’t worked and will NEVER work!

So how does non-judgmental awareness work?

When you drop the judgement, you may become aware of the underlying physical, emotional exhaustion that’s driving your behavior…

The extra helping of ice cream or cake is your instinctive way of seeking sweetness, love, and appreciation, of letting steam out, of relaxing.

By becoming aware of that, something deep within your psyche will begin to shift, you’ll start to understand yourself, understand that there’s nothing wrong with you, that in truth you are an infinitely wise being.

You’ll start to love yourself rather than beat yourself up and when we love ourselves, we begin to act differently towards ourselves.

This doesn’t mean that you won’t seek sweetness through food, I’m telling you today there’s nothing wrong with that! You got it? Good!

But you’ll seek the sweetness in foods that are actually good for you, that taste delicious and then you’ll think about taking a stroll along the beach, or around a lake, or going to get a massage or going to that Yin yoga class.

Now go practice non-judgmental self awareness for one day and let me know what happened!

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