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How to Stop Using Food as Reward

July 6th, 2022|0 Comments

Do you reward yourself with foods?

Many years ago, I was working with a client who was really struggling with cravings.

She’d say, “I’d be so good during the day and then in the evening, I’d crave pizza for dinner.”

I asked her where she thought this was coming from.

She thought about it. And then, her face lit up and she said:

“Oh my God, Laure, I just got it!”


  • self-compassion

Choose Self-Compassion

July 6th, 2022|0 Comments

Choose compassion over beating yourself up.

What do you do when you have cravings? Do you give in and beat yourself up afterwards?

Making the healthiest food choices every single time can be challenging. Especially if you’re stressed out at work or life throws a curveball at you!

It’s so natural to want to soothe your emotions with your favorite comfort foods.


  • weight loss myth # 3

Weight Loss Myth # 3

May 13th, 2022|0 Comments

Losing weight is difficult

The underlying message from diet programs is that losing weight is difficult.

You’ve got to count calories or points!

Deprive yourself.

Or pay for ready-made meals that may be calorie-conscious but lacking in freshness and Prana or vital nutrition!

The truth is if you choose the “quick fix” approach, then yes, losing weight will be difficult.

However, if you choose the sustainable, root-cause approach, then no, it’s not difficult to lose weight.


  • weight loss myth # 2

Weight Loss Myth # 2

May 12th, 2022|0 Comments

Dieting doesn’t lead to sustainable health

Relying on diets and diet programs for long term health and well-being creates 2 problems worth looking at.

First, it creates an unhealthy relationship with food. We find ourselves constantly categorizing foods as “good” or “bad”.

In my new ebook, 3 Dieting Mistakes Sabotaging Your Weight, I share how this habit leads us into a spiral of shame and guilt around food.

In some cases, we become obsessed with counting calories or points. (more…)

  • weight loss myth # 1

Weight Loss Myth 1

May 11th, 2022|0 Comments

Why do we gain weight?

In the 15 years I’ve worked with women to help them lose weight, I’ve noticed that every single one of them had tried every diet under the sun to lose it.

That’s why I knew that dieting wasn’t a viable and sustainable solution.

Let me show you why the idea that dieting is the only solution to lose weight is false.


  • 3 weight loss myths

3 Weight Loss Myths Part 1

May 10th, 2022|0 Comments

Cynthia couldn’t believe what the consultant at the wellness center was telling her!

A few weeks before, Cynthia had woken up in the hospital remembering only that she had been standing in the supermarket with her 6 year old granddaughter for what seemed like just moments before. 

To her relief, she was told it wasn’t fatal. She had fainted from a high blood pressure episode which was thankfully treatable with medication and weight loss.


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