Private Ayurvedic Cooking with Laure

Hey, I like Ayurveda because it takes a no-nonsense approach to health. One of the oldest systems of natural health care, Ayurveda is truly holistic. When making recommendations, it looks at a person's mental and physical being. It sees a person as whole and unique.

This approach has worked for me when I experienced unexpected health and weight challenges a few years ago. Until that time, I thought I knew what health and healthy eating was as a Holistic Health Counselor with a thriving coaching business.

My personal challenges led me to Ayurveda via an Ayurvedic Cooking class. While in the class, preparing and eating the Ayurvedic way, I experienced immediate relief.

Here's why I think it could help you have a complete change in the way you see wellness for yourself.

What's in a Private Ayurvedic Cooking Session?

In an Private Ayurvedic Cooking session, you learn how to prepare delicious and healthy plant based meals using herbs and spices for easy digestion. 

You'll also learn how to shop, organize your pantry and prep for your meals efficiently and to save time.

In Ayurveda, one of the world's oldest system of health care, diet is one of the 3 pillars of optimum health.

While most modern, Western dietary and nutritional advice focuses on foods, Ayurvedic Cooking focuses on digestion.

Faulty digestion leads to the build-up of metabolic waste, which in turn leads to health challenges including but not limited to weight gain.

Research today shows the correlation between gut health and a range of health challenges from cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, cancer and auto-immune disease to constipation, digestive troubles and sleep issues.

Healthy digestion, food habits and choices are the focus of this private Ayurvedic Cooking session, while preparing delicious and nutritious plant based meals.

What's included in a Private Ayurvedic Cooking session?

During the Plant Based Ayurvedic Cooking session,

1- I create for you and your friends a plant based meal based on your taste and favorite plant foods. 

2- I teach you my 5-step process to make an Ayurvedic plant based meal that is always a success!

3- And I give you handouts with 3 Food Choices, Habits and Combinations Guidelines for healthy digestion!

What if you don't live near me?

 Just take me with you!

Maya, Bridgette and Cindy did this online via Zoom!

Bridgette Simmonds

Life Coach,

"Your program name is perfect. A “lighter you”’is what I feel. I squealed with delight every time I opened my fridge and pantry after our call! Thank you for doing what you do & sharing your gift. You’ve changed my life in a big way, Laure. I am so grateful." Watch Bridgette share her story here.

How's the Private Ayurvedic Cooking different from a cooking class?

I'm not necessarily teaching recipes (though you'll get a handout of the recipes I create), I'm teaching you how to easily and effortlessly create tasty plant based meals that will make you feel happy, energized, vibrant and light and that your whole family will enjoy!

Many women of my generation do not know how to cook plant based foods, like whole grains, vegetables, legumes. I think that's a backlash from the feminist movement. At the same time our mothers burned their bras, they also deserted the kitchen, symbol of female exploitation. 30, 40 and even 50 years later, as fast food restaurants and frozen dinners have expanded so have our waist line and health challenges. 

I want to make cooking fun, easy, sexy and the ultimate act of self-love. And I want to take healthy cooking out of the tasteless and boring realm and into the sensual, finger-licking good, taste buds buzzing realm.

ayurvedic cooking spices

What's the goal of the Private Ayurvedic Cooking session?

The goal of a Private Ayurvedic Cooking session is to get you started right on your health journey. I teach you how to easily and effortlessly prepare healthy, tasty plant based meals that are easy to digest, give you sustained energy throughout the day, help you sleep better and feel more confident.

Cindy DeMaio

Super Mom!

"I definitely consider myself beyond lucky to have met Laure! I started out having no knowledge in the kitchen and feel truly blessed having Laure to show me the way! Laure has taught me how to shop, we even grocery shopped together through Zoom. She has taught me how to clean and cut every vegetable you can think, and most importantly she creates the most amazing and delicious meals to keep your body functioning at its best! I wish I had started with Laure years ago and I cannot believe how much I have learned in such a short time! Everyone should be so lucky to have Laure in their life."

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic Cooking?

One of my Ayurvedic Cooking teachers, Chef Dominic from the 5 stars Raj Spa, used to say that

The key to perfect health is perfect digestion, and not just digestion in the stomach, but cellular digestion. How well we metabolize our foods and convert them into the end-product. And the end-product of food is a substance called in Sanskrit, Ojas, which is the bio-chemical equivalent of Bliss-Consciousness in the physiology.

The benefits of Ayurvedic Cooking In the Kitchen are:


-Healthy digestion, no more gas, bloating, indigestion, heaviness. You can throw the metamucil and the pink stuff, peptobismol, out the window!

-Abundant energy


-A strong immune system

-A relaxed mind, cooking plant based meals is very therapeutic!

-The satisfaction and empowerment that comes from knowing how to nourish yourself.

Janessa Russo Bernstein

Personal Stylist,

“I always thought I was eating clean until I started working with you. I was missing so many other components! Since I’ve been working with you and using all the spices, I feel like my digestion is so much better. I’m going to continue doing all the things you’ve taught me because they do work and they make sense.” 

The formats and the costs of the Private Ayurvedic Cooking session

If you're inviting friends, you can have a maximum of 8 friends. If you'd like to invite more friends, please contact me at

The Cost is $450 + the cost of foods 

The session last 3 hours (for example from 9am to 12pm) 

I'd love to have you in the session, I really enjoy helping women understand how to cook amazing meals that are going to work for them and their family, taste wonderful and that they actually crave.


Interested in cooking with me, but have a few questions, click here to book a time to chat.