Client Success Stories:

I felt like a part of me was always trapped in a lifestyle that wasn't helping me reach my potential. The western way of dieting has not been helping.

Valencia Koomsoon

Professor of Electrical Engineering

I went from fighting with myself to working with myself, to alleviating the worst things that have been bothering me. It managed to change my story about the relationship between myself and my body.

Lucy Peguero

Kitchen Chemist & Potion Master

​It tastes really good, restaurant quality food that I made, that's a big deal!

​Maya Gaddie


​Cynthia Simmons

​Nefertiti Jewelry Designer

​For me prior to the program I never really had a path that was sustainable for long term weight loss. The major win for me is the sustainability, it’s actually changing my habits. The best thing about working with you for me has been experiencing your truth. Having the tools to live a life of good health and sustainability is what this program offered me.

​Lisa Hospice

​Co-Founder Yoga Life West Indies

​I lost the bloating that I had and have more ease eliminating. I got a better body. Also taking better care of me was a big thing for me.

What I really loved about this program is that we made the changes little by little and so I was able to make them last and I’m just really amazed.

I feel really proud of myself, I feel healthier and happier with my lifestyle today than ever before.

The best thing about working with you is that you really brought the program in a way that we could say yes to it without putting any pressure. We could feel that we win every time.

I really know what to put in my plate and it’s amazing because I can just relax now.

I want to thank you so much for bringing this quality of life and it’s something that everybody can do.

​Sarah Palmer

​Co-Founder & Chief Compassion Officer at Dovecot Farm

Before the program, I felt a sense of overwhelm about so many different dietary options screaming for my attention...

Physically, I felt bloated so my body was communicating an out of balance...

The community in the group coaching program helped me stay on track and understand that we can all be resistant to change! ​

The 5 specific changes I experienced as a result of this program are: less bloated, feeling of well-being, more compassionate towards myself and others, more attentive to my body and better skin. ​Elimination has improved a lot, so of course I feel happier about that as I have always struggled with constipation...

What I like best about working with Laure is her authenticity. She has a huge amount of expertise, experience and compassion for those she works with...

Laure’s program re-ignited my interest in cooking again!

I think that you need a 12 week program to make the necessary changes…it requires absolute commitment to see results. ​I enjoyed the structure and the routine of the program. ​

​Bridgette Simmonds

​The Go Coach

​Your program name is perfect. A “lighter you”’is what I feel. I squealed with delight every time I opened my fridge and pantry after our call! Thank you for doing what you do & sharing your gift. You’ve changed my life in a big way, Laure. I am so grateful.

​Sabrina Fajardo

​The Brand Artisan

​I’ve lost 31 lbs in 4 months. It has been easy to flow through the whole process and add something new one step at a time. I not only lost weight, I gained clarity and peace. Working with Laure has been incredible.​​​​

​Margie Meshew

​Thailand Connection Tours

I didn’t know it would be as easy as it was to change my habits. I lost 12 lbs in one month.

But the biggest thing for me that was really detrimental was my skin condition and it’s completely gone. Thank you Laure for giving me my life back.

Amanda Rogers

​Amanda Rogers

​Group Fitness Coach

​My intention in starting this program was not to lose weight however I ended up losing about 20 lbs and I feel better physically than I have felt in years.

My skin is more moist, body is finally at a comfortable weight and more flexible/balanced.

The most noticeable change in my overall health is my body’s ability to digest food. I am able to eat some foods I would have never touched before such as beans, quinoa, oatmeal.

This program proved to me that the body and mind are directly connected. The shift in mood, energy and emotions upon beginning this program was literally life changing.

If you have manifested Laure in your life, I’m so happy for you!

​Maele Hargett

​Senior Recruiter

In 6 months I went from being stressed out, physically uncomfortable and too busy to cook, to taking care of me, putting myself first and enjoying cooking and eating for my body type.

​I watched as the belly got smaller, my skin got clearer and my temperament got calmer.

Due to all of these things, my life as a whole started changing and I am so grateful to Laure and this program.

​Adelin Jabrayan


​I have lost 20 pounds and it came off and stayed off.

Laure guided me through the patterns and habits that were so deeply ingrained in my psyche.

My relationship with food has changed forever.

I am beyond grateful to Laure for all that she has given me, but the greatest gift of all was that by learning to love food in a real way, I have also discovered how to love myself in a real way.

​Dr. Neelima Reddy


​​I have lost 20 lbs in 6 months. I Feel healthier, have more energy and confidence!

The specific feature I liked best was Laure’s intuitive ability to use the mind body approach- to create more awareness with respect to eating patterns which are mood related.

 I would definitely recommend your program. It makes absolute sense from the physiological point of view.

​Elizabeth Johnston

​Founder Delray Inner Balance

​Working with Laure Carter, in her program, helped me to uncover personal habits that were contributing to my current state of unrest.

With so much information on Ayurvedic practices, Laure made it easy to apply them to my specific needs.

When I followed all to most of the practices, I found a significant difference within myself and my body that has lasted beyond the program.

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