Losing weight is difficult

The underlying message from diet programs is that losing weight is difficult.

You’ve got to count calories or points!

Deprive yourself.

Or pay for ready-made meals that may be calorie-conscious but lacking in freshness and Prana or vital nutrition!

The truth is if you choose the “quick fix” approach, then yes, losing weight will be difficult.

However, if you choose the sustainable, root-cause approach, then no, it’s not difficult to lose weight.

Knowing where to start

Whenever I ask, “what do you think you need to get from where you are to where you want to be?”

100% of the time, the answer I get is…

“It’s got to be easy.” 

1- Making changes in your habits and choices has to be easy.

2- AND losing weight as a result of these changes has to be easy too!

To meet both of these conditions, you have to know where to start.

Because where you start is different from where someone else starts.

The root cause of your weight gain is different from someone else’s.

This is what I help you do during my Ayurvedic Quick Read session.

3 months later

After her experience at the Wellness Center her doctor had recommended, Cynthia decided to join my 3-month program, 12 Weeks to a Lighter You instead.

12 weeks later, we celebrated her 30 lbs easy weight loss. The most she had ever lost even when she was dieting.

Fast-forward 4 years, she has kept the weight off and managed her blood pressure. 

What Cynthia learned is that addressing the root cause of her weight gain is what made the difference between struggling to lose weight and losing it effortlessly and keeping it off over time.

And more importantly, she knows exactly what triggers her imbalance and how to remedy it before it shows up as weight gain!

And if it’s possible for Cynthia it is possible for you too!