Happy Easter Sunday !

I'm in Nevada City California, continuing my Ayurvedic education at the California College of Ayurveda.

And yesterday I had breakfast with my Ayurvedic mentor Mary Thompson. Mary was one of my teachers at the college until she retired 2 years ago, and I just loved her teaching style and her unique way of understanding Ayurveda and her mastery of Ayurvedic principles that when she offered mentorship opportunities I jumped on it!

SO I was psyched to see her in person! I LOVE our conversations! And yesterday she shared with me her 5 stages of change.

The first stage is when you know something is wrong and it's time to make a change.

The second stage is when you start thinking about what kind of change you can make, like to start exercising or eating better.

The third stage is when you start looking for an exercise class or a diet program.

The fourth stage is when you book a class, or in my context, you come to my live Community Q&A call on Thursdays or you request a 1:1 Complimentary Clarity Call.

Notice, you haven't actually started anything yet, you haven't taken the class or started a healthy diet and lifestyle program. 

It isn't until the fifth stage that you actually do something to change! You take the exercise class or you sign up for the wellness program.

So , what stage are you in?

And how long are you going to wait until you actually move to the next stage? What will it take? Life will always happen, if you're waiting for the "right" moment, you'll wait for a long time! 

Wherever you are in the 5 stages to change, do yourself a favor, take the next step now!

Sending Love,
Your Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Specialist