Having trouble balancing your work and your life?

It used to be that work-life balance and work-life integration were the buzzwords in the realm of employee experience and company culture.

But, the workplace dynamics have shifted drastically since its mainstream emergence.

People are still struggling with anxiety, burnout and depression.

Women are still experiencing gut and hormonal issues due to stress and an even more jagged lifestyle. This leads to fatigue and exhaustion, weight gain and other serious health problems!

Whether it’s work-life balance or integration, neither are relevant anymore in today’s world.

But what if we were to shift the focus away from merely balancing or integrating work and life? And instead put more emphasis on creating what I call “work-lifestyle” balance

Shifting the focus on work-lifestyle balance

For many of us learning how to manage stress related to work or life at home is only part of the equation.

The truth is that true well-being requires looking beyond balancing or integrating work and life. It requires making sure our day-to-day choices support a healthy lifestyle. 

The way we work, and live, our habits, routines, and priorities, have a significant impact on our overall well-being and productivity, both on and off the job. 

What is work-lifestyle balance?

Achieving a healthy work-lifestyle balance means recognizing the importance of making intentional choices about the way we work and live. It’s not just about how much time we spend on work or on our personal life.

A positive work-lifestyle balance means taking time away from stressful tasks. It means engaging in activities that promote an overall feeling of wellness such as exercise, yoga, meditation, or home-cooking. Anything that helps you relax your body, revitalize your energy and exalt your spirit!

Prioritizing over compromising!

It’s important to remember that finding balance is a continuous process. It involves consistently gauging your goals as well as your limitations, both professionally and personally. So that you can create healthy habits for yourself that help pave the path for success without sacrificing your health and wellness!

It’s about embracing each facet of who you are (worker bee, yoga devotee, foodie, etc.) without becoming overwhelmed by any one part of your identity.

Work-lifestyle balance recognizes that while it may not be possible to completely separate work and non-work life, it’s essential to set clear boundaries and to prioritize self-care. So that work doesn’t consume all aspects of our lives.

Well-being AND success!

Realizing true well-being and success goes beyond balancing a demanding job with social commitments. It goes beyond blocking off time during traditional work hours to deal with things at home!

It’s about creating healthy habits through proper nourishment, movement, adequate rest/recovery time.  These kind of habits and activities hype up confidence levels while keeping stress levels low! 

With vibrant living comes greater productivity at work as well as enhanced happiness in every aspect of life.

We must make intentional healthful choices. We need to prioritize boundaries and self-care instead of trying to “fit” our health care into our busy lifestyles. Then, we can achieve a more sustainable and fulfilling approach to our careers and personal lives.

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